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Cirencester Drone Services - Aerial Photography, Video & Inspection Services in Cirencester.

pylon inspection services with drones

Drone Inspections, Surveys, Mapping, Photography & Video Services in Cirencester.

Cirencester Drone Services is an experienced company with a team of professional pilots providing aerial drone inspection, photography and video services in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. We are also one of the leading aerial drone services providers in the South West, UK. We provide premium drone solutions adapting our services to meet your requirements.

Cirencester Drone Services offer a combination of incredible Ultra HD aerial videos and breathtaking aerial photography as well as highly detailed inspection images. Contact Cirencester Drone Services if you require the perfect images and video filmed at up to 5.2K using professional cameras and drone systems.

We can provide full editing and film production providing beautiful videos and show reels. We follow the highest standard set by the Civil Aviation Authority and we are insured up to £5 million public liability.

We can provide you with a live video feed to all customers and clients on the ground as well as uploading live videos straight to social media.

If you require more information on our services please get in touch with one of our experienced professional drone pilots!

We provide a variety of Drone Services including:

  • Drone Photography and Video
  • Drone Inspection and Surveys
  • Drone Precision Agriculture
  • Drone Property Photography
  • Drone 3D Modelling & Visualisation
  • Drone Wedding Photography & Video
  • Drone Building & Roof Inspection
  • Drone Golf Course Photography
  • Drone Thermal Inspections
  • Drone 360 Panoramic Photography
  • Drone Construction Surveys
  • Drone Wind Turbine Inspections
  • Drone Bridge Inspections
  • Drone Surveying & Mapping
  • Drone Solar Panel Inspections

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Our Promise to you:

Insured with £5,000,000 Public Liability

CAA Trained & Certified Pilots

Operated Commercially for 8+ Years

Serious About Safety

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